This is an open-source project and you can download it from GitHub. Read the contents of the table below, to know more about how this project came to be i.e. project history.

Date Event Outcome
30/01/2014 Version 1.0 A very basic version of the tool (Post Traumatic Amnesia assessment tool) with all the functionality but lacked the polish of a finished product ready to be used.
03/02/2014 Meeting with Neuropsychologist A short meeting with the Neuropshycologist (from the Royal Rehabilitation centre in Sydney) in which I was told, the project initiative needs to be discussed with a few people at the Royal Rehabilitation centre after which I will be notified. The Neuropshychologist also arranged a meeting with me for 10/02/2014 at 4pm.
Up-to 08/02/2014 Started marketing the tool My first objective was to have the tool be used across public hospitals in Australia. The marketing strategy was very simple, I basically emailed the health ministers and health departments of the different states in Australia.
10/02/2014 Meeting with the Neuropshychologist Spent 20 minutes waiting for the neuropshychologist, but the Neuropshycologist did not show up for the appointment. I tried asking the staff there but they could not find the Neuropshycologist. The Neuropshychologist did message me the next day saying that a patient took up more time than anticipated hence the meeting with me was missed.
17/02/2014 Response from department of health NSW (Australia) The response was that streamlining this process is not the highest priority for Department of Health at this stage and integrating it with existing systems in the public health system is far too much work. However the response did mention that if i wanted to discuss this project more, i could talk to one of the directors from the Agency of Clinical Innovation (ACI).
20/02/2014 Contact ACI I tried contacting the director I was referred to by Department of Health, NSW (Australia). The director was in a meeting, so I left a message.
Up-to 24/03/2014 Design changes. Made several major cosmetic changes to the tool such that it can easily present the information to the end-user.
25/03/2014 Contact ACI. I had not received a response for my phone call from the director at ACI. I sent an email via the general enquires email of ACI in an attempt to get more attention. This time I did get a response from and a meeting was setup for 1/05/2014, that also included a very important person who oversees brain injury rehabilitation in NSW (Australia).
Up-to 20/04/2014 End-user specific changes I managed to find an Occupational Therapist who conducts Post Traumatic Amnesia assessment on a daily basis and got an opinion of the kind of reporting and features that could make life easier for users.
Up-to 01/05/2014 2 major Enhancements Add an extra report as well as text-to-speech features to minimise the use of a translator for patients who do not speak English. The main reason for these enhancements was to save costs, in an effort to ensure the tool has more monetary value.
01/05/2014 Product review and analysis by directors from ACI. The person who was a key player for Brain injury Rehabilitation in NSW (Australia) did have a look at the tool and said that it lacked "certain features" which is partly due to my lack of clinical knowledge of the process. Now what those "certain features" were? I have no idea, as I was not exactly told what they were. They mentioned that this is not a high priority project and they will meet with the board or committee for brain injury rehabilitation in NSW (Australia) and discuss if they need a tool to streamline this process. They also said that they will not be willing to use the tool I made, however they will refer to the website and the video of how the tool works to convince the brain injury rehabilitation board or committee the need for such a tool. If the board/committee agrees, they will open the project for bidding to everyone and give me an opportunity to bid for this project.
10/06/2015 Project goes open-source So in Aug-Sept 2014 I received a response back from ACI and basically they have too many other higher priority projects to consider first before they can think about streamlining PTA assessment. I have been thinking about open-sourcing this project, but quite frankly, I have been busy with building my first iOS app. One of the outcomes of that effort is this open-source Xcode project template.