Assessing therapist dashboard

When a therapist or a medical staff first login, not only are they greeted with a very friendly message, but they are also given an update on the recent developements at the brian injury (BI) ward or facility.

Actual Product with Mock Data
Actual Product with Mock Data

Fully Customisable questions

At any given time the App will only display the questions that have been entered by staff responsible for the post traumatic amnesia assessment at the medical facility. The questions seen on the screenshot to the left are an example of such customisation.

Advanced reporting features

In this day and age we all realise that storing information is important, but once we store raw information, then what do we do with it? We aim to address it in this application by presenting raw information via graphs and tables in an attempt to make it more meaningful. Reporting requirements can be highly specific to individual needs and hence no attempt is made to present a one size fits all solution. What we have done in this application is built a framework for reporting that can be enhanced further with ease to cater for more specifc reporting needs. The screenshot to the right shows an example demonstrates how the application presents the information for patient assement progress

Actual Product with Mock Data

A video of how the app works has been uploaded on youtube and it can be seen by clicking this link